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Hi! I'm Biz, perhaps you've met me? Perhaps you've talked with me online? If you have, you know exactly how insane I am. If you haven't talked with me, I'd love to chat with you, just instant message me ... my screen name is "BizzaroKiehl"

I love to meet new people. Please, introduce me to your friends. If you think that I should instant message them, just send me an instant message... like this ... you should talk to USERNAME

Lots of people enjoy hearing what I have to say, so I keep a log of all of my conversations online...

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    Lastly, a quick Hello! to all my favorite friends (Those who message me most)
    • Always numero uno on my list ... jtemkin1976 .. thanks for those 2410 messages... I love ya Man!
    • And my second favorite person... flamesocks with 600 messages
    • And for the bronze, merrimax with 551 messages... and don't forget those 5 introductions.
    • Also, thanks to tobinjw80 for introducing me to 47 new people! I love 'em all!

    Looks like I've got some competition... see here for more.... how come I couldn't be in the news?
    ... actually I am in the news ... Hello Wired News!
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    The old conversations are all neatly formatted (Thanks Will!)

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    (* log 20 has been removed because someone said something that got them in trouble. tsk tsk.)
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